Pressure Vessel

PCPL supplies CO2 tanks for various applications. All CO2 tanks are of cylindrical design and fully assembled and ready for operation. Design code of CO2 tank shall be as per IS 2825 / AMSE Sec VIII div – 2 (Latest). Vessel Moc: SA 516 Gr. 60/70 (Low temp carbon steel), Flange MOC: SA 350 LF2 (Forged Low temp), Nozzle Pipes: GA 106 Gr. B / SA 333 Gr. 6 and Manhole flange Moc: SA 350 LF2 (Forged Low temp.) The CO2 tanks are manufactured from fine-grain carbon steel, especially suitable for low temperature operation. The tanks are insulated to reduce heat loss. The tanks can be insulated with prefabricated polystyrene blocks or by injection of polyurethane foam. The insulation can take place prior to shipment or on-site. Storage Tank Unit (STU) for storage of pure liquid CO2 from CO2 plants with cooling system designed to maintain tank pressure.
Available in Standard Sizes of 5/10/15/20/25/50 and 100 Tons
Customer Tank Unit (CTU) for storage of pure liquid CO2 where no cooling source is available. The unit is a stand-alone unit with a refrigeration unit, CO2 content indicator and controls (photo).
Available in Standard Sizes 5/10/15/20/25/50 and 100 Tons.
Transport Tank Unit (TTU) for transportation of pure liquid CO2. The unit includes a pump unit for loading/ unloading the CO2.
Available in Standard Sizes of 12/16 Tons