The Liquid Co2 is drawn from the storage tank to the dry ice press through buffer bottle. Liquid Co2 is injected to the dry ice press chamber and is compressed with hydraulic pressure and making the solidified Co2 as dry ice.
In the process some quantities of liquid Co2 will be converted as vapor / gas co2 and this needs to be vented or to be connected to the Co2 compressor Suction to recover.
The press is operated with hydraulic system and PLC control in fully automatic or in manual mode. In single & Double chamber operation the output of the dry ice press will be available 100 kgs, 250 Kgs, 450 Kgs and 800 Kg per hour and the size of the block will be 2 to 12 kgs each.
After getting the cake it is to be packed in news paper and polythene covers to store. For storage of these dry ice blocks we need to have the insulated containers to the required specifications to minimize the losses.
Process losses and storage losses will be there in the total operation and needs to be taken care to minimize.

CONVERSION RATIO : 2.5 KG Liquid CO2 for 1 KG DRY ICE. One KG Gas can be recovered by recovery system if installed.

  1. Dry ice press
  2. Liquid CO2 Storage tank.
  3. Control valves set as per the requirement.
  4. Required pipelines from storage tank to press and to vapor line for recovery of Co2 gas to the Receiver if the recovery system is installed.
  5. Insulated box for the dry ice storage