PCPL CO2 Cylinder Filling Systems enable you to charge CO2 cylinders (and fire extinguishers) right in your own plant using, liquid CO2 from your storage unit. The operation is simple and can be performed safely by plant personnel, PCPL CO2 Cylinder Filling Systems utilize a single stage, single cylinder, positive displacement pump designed solely for liquid CO2 use. Both models include:

  • Pressure gauge showing delivery pressure to filling cylinder Relief valves and safety discs to protect
  • operator and equipment Bleed-off valves relieve pressure when filling is completed or interrupted
  • Drive motor with motor starter
  • Flexible charging hose(s) with swivel
  • connection(s) to connect the unit to the cylinder to be filled
  • In addition, they includes a pressure regulator which regulates filling pressure and returns excess liquid carbon dioxide to the storage unit. Thereby permitting continuous operation.

Automatic Cut-Off

  • Allows automatic control of CO2 filling valve
  • Results in more accurate filling of cylinders
  • Allows better utilization of manpower
  • Protects against both under- and overfill of cylinders
  • Accurately indicates weight of empty and full cylinder